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HELLO, Y’ALL. I am a nebulous creation!

A romanticist, a dreamer, a oneironaut, an avid thinker and writer with belief in multifarious emotions forming an entity.

My life quote is “I AM, SO, I CAN”. And to you all, I want to say,”Make it yours, too.”

— Ridhima Malhotra


NOW, A LOT ABOUT SUNDRY ABSTRACTS : A vortex for the musings of the mind!

This is my baby, a space which gives me and my readers, the much needed respite from the convoluted tunnels of thoughts in our minds and hearts.

A place where you can relate to the posts and share yours,too.

We all need to unleash our thoughts,feelings and emotions, and give freedom to our minds and hearts. No one can really convey our conundrums, better than we, ourselves.

This place here is a collection of the thought processes of the vacillating wit.

With a convoluted ability to rethink and assess situations our minds are constantly wavering, so here I reproduce and realign those multifarious musings in a coherent manner.

With a take on modern ideologies, romanticism of relationships, heartbreaks and pain, I bring forth the cathartic views in a succinct style of understanding.

A CAll TO Y’All : Come join me in my journey to give wings to our musings through our words.

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