Karwachauth(Indian Rituals since Kingdom come!)

A fast kept by Indian married woman for the their husbands eternal life through luring the moon god.

A new approach in thought processes of age old customs, it is a food for thought😎

A take on KarvaChauth!
Yes, I am fasting. And totally unapologetic about it. Not that I am a believer in moon or stars charting course of our lives. I am neither that evolved to understand the mysteries of nature nor naive enough to blindly follow the DDLJ tradition.

Then why? Simple because, this one person in my life means more than anyone else. This is my way of thanking heavens for this boon.

Fasting? I value this relationship higher than the basic need for food and water. It reminds us that this partnership is above everything else. This is not going to prove my love for my husband but it does give me the joy of celebrating his presence in my life.

Dressing up? Once a year my forgotten jewellery come out. Mangalsutra is worn with devotion and pride. Mehendi, sindoor, bangles et al came in my life with him and hence are invaluable. All these are integral part of our rich tradition and culture.
Shastras talk about solah singar ( 16 adornments) for a bride. This day, every woman, can be a bride again. Married life, reboots itself!

Katha? The real life and legend mix like no other. Age-old innocence is recited and you bow your head to tradition rather than logic. We all know that logic works but not always….A mystery, a scope for some miracle, a little sweetness…cannot hurt.

Does my husband do the same thing for me? No. and I don’t mind.. He has tried to dissuade me. He has offered to fast. But, I cannot handle another irritable person in my life. This is my day. I need the pampering.

Cribbing about thirst & hunger? What fun! Try doing it. Very cathartic.

Waiting for moon? One day in the year when I actually, observe and abide by nature! One day, when, in our every day city life..I consciously take out time to admire it’s beauty. Now, I understand understand, d phrase, Eid ka chaand and how moon can epitomise beauty, like no other!!

So, a very Happy Karva Chauth to all of you. May your married life nourish your soul and every single thought about your spouse bring about a mile-long smile….

#karwachauth #indianrituals #modernindianwoman #womaniya

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